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High summer, signed limited edition print

15 x 14 inches £75 (please use contact form on last page)

From an early age I drew and painted obsessively. Because of this, my parents paid for oil painting classes for me when I was seven and lived in Iran. I quickly fell in love with the smell of oil paints and the whole idea of being a painter. My father, a civil engineer and a very practical man, tried to explain how difficult it was to make a living as an artist, but I couldn't be dissuaded. 

Daisies 12 x 16 inches

 Daisies, one of her first oils in 1973 

Thanks to his influence, I have always appreciated technically accurate drawing - and think it is the basis of good painting. I started life drawing at school and have continued it religiously.


From there, I went to Oxford University to study art history. This period had a profound influence on me. My recent work has included a series of domestic interiors, inspired by the northern European masters Vermeer, de Hooch, Kobke and Hammershoi. I try to create atmospheric and detailed compositions with a dramatic use of light and calm colours.

When I moved to London I went to Heatherleys School of Art life classes for many years, and was accepted as a member of the Chelsea Arts Club. I have exhibited widely, including the Royal Academy Summer Show, Royal Society of Portrait Painters, New English Art Club, Discerning Eye and BP Portrait Award. 


Flights of fancy.jpeg

Flights of fancy, signed limited edition print

15 x 14 inches £75 (please use contact form on last page)

After school, I did a foundation course in Harrogate, where I honed my drawing skills. Then I did an art degree at Newcastle University, where much of my time was spent painting the shipyard, bridges on the Tyne and portraits. 

I have been commissioned for many portraits, landscapes and interiors. I also enjoy and value my role as a teacher, and have organised and run many life classes and still life courses.

Rory Clements


My husband is the writer Rory Clements. He wrote the John Shakespeare series of Elizabethan thrillers and is now producing the Tom Wilde series set in 1930s Cambridge. His latest book is 'A Prince and a Spy', pictured right. To learn more about him visit his website:

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